‚Thing Nothing‘ Exhibition

17the October until 15 November 2015
– by the Van Abbemuseum and Design Academy Eindhoven

The Wandering Hole

Project ‚The Wandering Hole‘ is part of the exhibition at Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven.

« The meaning, value and future of things »
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Video ‚The Wandering Hole‘

Video The wandering Hole Hannah HIeckeThe video ‚The Wandering Hole‘ is designed to be an introduction for my master project. The teaser gives an overview on the issue and the consequences of the brown coal mining hole Garzweiler II in Germany.
See the whole project : HERE

Object ‚The Wandering Hole‘

The Wandering Hole Object


The Object ‚The Wandering Hole‘ shows the motion of the brown coal mining hole Garzweiler. Each layer represent one year of constant motion.
The mining hole ‚wanders‘ (RWE calls the motion of the hole wandering) by a half meter every day. The time period is around 90 years ( 1955 – 2045 ).

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Power Of Generalisation

Cartography | Hannah Hiecke

« Cartographic‬ ‪generalisation‬ is the method whereby information is selected and represented on a map, not necessarily preserving all ‪geographical‬ ‪details‬. »