The NS train stations have been facing a huge waste issue for decades.

« Over 1.2 million passengers, who use the train every day, produce a great amount of waste and give a high pressure to waste management. These waste are mixed without refuse classification, collected from bins by sanitary workers. Most of the refuses are plastic bottle, paper cups and organic waste, which can be recycled and turned into value. However, the stations are not capable of handling daily waste correctly and timely, the existing bins in the station are not able to categorize different materials of waste, and passengers are not motivated to separate their wastes.

In the research, a primary idea came from a win-win strategy – reduce the ticket price of the passengers, reduce footprint, stimulate profit of NS – for passengers, they can use their wastes to redeem bonus for getting cheaper train tickets; for NS, the manual waste-collecting system by passengers not only reduce bad impact to environment, but also stimulate the sale rate of the shops of NS, since the package (with food) sold inside the station is redeemable with specific codes. »

Project developed together with ceeceelee.
First Year – Third Trimester at the Design Academy Eindhoven
Seminar by Fabric (Collaboration with NS and Naturalis)
Assignment of the project : ‚Biodiversity at the Eindhoven Train Station‘


T A S K S :

Research, Graphic Design, Illustration