Family – The individual in the system


Family (by Hannah Hiecke)Bachelor Thesis –  « A family is more than the sum of its members. »

« Everyone is part of a family, one of the most powerful systems in which a man is involved. Family can represent a supporting resource , but on the same time family be seen as an opaque web of conflicts and problems. This leads to a strong pressure on the individual.

Nevertheless, the family does not lose their place in society.
The interest on this topic is based on the curiosity on the structures and background behind this diverse theme of family.
Result is a video, which give an overview. Based on the video the book is build up and is an more detailed outcome of the made research. »

First part of the text of the video :
« The iconic image – family :

Parents with 2 children (a boy, a girl), a dog, house, career, together and happy. Coherent, supportive and harmonious. Since the beginning of time, the family is a projection of our moral concept and ideals.

But the reality of the family is different:
Conflict, fears, disputes. These and other points fade the nostalgic black and white memories/images. – Shortly: the everyday life versa.
Dreams meet reality.
Life meets worries and fears.
Tasks meet challenges.
Parents meet excessive demand.
Individuality meets mechanisms.
Past meets the present.
Developments of personalities meet living together.

Consequentially, numerous potential conflicts are resulting, which may develop alone within one family: In the human quest for happiness, there is a need for harmony, which means that every individual has expectations towards himself and his family – This creates a high individual pressure on each to be equitable. Conflicts require solutions. Solutions can only be developed together.

“ All happy families resemble each other: but each unfortunate family is unhappy in its special way. “  (A quote from the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy) … »

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Family | Bachelor | Hannah HieckeFamily | Bachelor | Hannah Hiecke Family | Bachelor | Hannah Hiecke Family | Bachelor | Hannah Hiecke Family | Bachelor | Hannah HieckeFamily | Bachelor | Hannah HieckeFamily | Bachelor | Hannah Hiecke


The take away booklet : Compact overview on the project and issue.

Family | Bachelor | Hannah Hiecke


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