Handtracking (by Hannah Hiecke)I am a person that has to move a lot. Movement helps my creative thinking process.

« The fact that my body seems not the move at all while working triggered me to analyse my movements while working on the computer.
By recording my movements, mouse-clicks and keys I realized: I am moving a lot – unconsciously. My hands are doing a lot of precise, cryptic and delicate movements.
The most of them seems automatically. These movements are based on long practicing. My hands are used to the way I am working with my computer: They are adapted to my needs.

My left hand is doing minimal 2D movements. Through technic and a software these movements get scaled up and enable me to cover long distances in my daily, digital life. While doing so I create these patterns, which are changing with the activity I am doing. Although my body is nearly not moving at all. The contrast between digital and physical movements is striking.

Otherwise my right hand is doing a lot of cryptical short-cut, but in comparison to my right hand it misses a lot of attention, distance and activity: My right hand is neglected.

The patterns show that the main attention is in the middle part of the screen, for getting certain tool, applications or effects my right hand have to leave the center and get them. This are patterns that arise more often. »

First Year – Third Trimester at the Design Academy Eindhoven
Seminar with RAW Color
Assignment Topic: „Personal Data“


T A S K S :

Research, Programming, Graphic Design


5 Different Actions :

→ 2h Research

Keyboard Research

→ 2h Inspiration


→ 2h Photoshop

Keyboard Inspiration

→ 2h Indesign

Keyboard Inspiration

→ 2h Keep in Touch