Information Fragmentor


Information Fragmentor (by Hannah Hiecke)Information IN – Colour OUT

The ‚Information Fragmentor‘ produces colours out of Information. It dissolves the given information and translates these into colours. The scanner moves while slowly shifting to the other. Through this unnormal and added movement happens errors, which are visible by colours in the finally data. The more detailed the origin, the more colourful is the outcome.

See the booklet: HERE.

Project with RAW Color at the Design Academy Eindhoven
First year – First Trimester 2013
Assignment of the seminar : „Colour Tool”


T A S K S :

Woodwork, Scanning, Graphic Design, Video editing

MAchine InformationFragmentor_HHiecke_Booklet-11 InformationFragmentor_HHiecke_Booklet-7 InformationFragmentor_HHiecke_Booklet-8 InformationFragmentor_HHiecke_Booklet-3Scan