Map ‚The Wandering Hole‘


Wanderkarte Hannah Hiecke
The satellite-map shows the currant state of affairs (June 2015) and the white layer is the infrastructure before the wandering of the brown coal mining hole ‚Garzweiler‘ (1940).

A comprehensive research, interviews with all interest groups and through visits in several archives around the mining district the collected information allowed to generate the overall picture of the infrastructure before the mining and the movement since 1940.

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T A S K S :

Research, Journalism, Cartography, Graphic Design

The following maps show the visualisation of the research :

Wanderkarte Hannah Hiecke

Collected maps visualise the infrastructure before the mining hole ‚Garzweiler I + II‘  :

The Wandering Hole _ Map | Hannah Hiecke

Structural contour before the mining :The Wandering Hole | Hannah Hiecke

The movement in years 1995 – planned 2045 (lake ~2090) : The Wandering Hole | Hannah HIecke