Representative Information


Blanks (by Hannah Hiecke)A skipped statement has undoubtedly a certain relevance.

« Representative surveys are having a critical important meaning and influence in the society. They are essential for further decisions, prognoses and research in many social, political and scientific fields. Samples, variation, accurate formulated questions, random participant, mistakes and given, analysed information are leading to a representative outcome, which is relevant for the future.

Every participant is free to answer or to skip a question. Undoubtedly a skipped question has also a relevance, but the survey could loose representativity if the amount exceed a certain level. Often the number of participants has got an more important consideration, than the actual given answers. The project ‚Representative Information‘ visualises the actual number of answering and therefore defragment the fundamental image of survey like this. «

First Year – Second Trimester at the Design Academy Eindhoven
Seminar by Catalogtree
Help with the coding by Mark Labenski
Assignment of the seminar : ‚National Firearm Survey, 2004‘


T A S K S :

Research, Graphic Design, Programming

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